The Best and Easy Way to Clean Fitted Sheets (and Duvets ad Comforters)

If you know what you’re doing, it can be quite Easy to Clean Fitted Crib Sheets and other kinds of sheets and comforters. As a parent, you have to take care of your kid’s beddings to make sure they are clean at all times. Sheets and comforters can gather dust easily and you should try to change them every week. There are easy ways to clean sheets that would make them last longer and retain their quality and freshness. It goes beyond just throwing them in the washer. Below we discuss the best ways to clean fitted sheets and other kinds of sheets as well.

Do Not Wash Fitted Sheets with Towels

Easy to Clean Fitted Crib Sheets

Washin sheets together with towels is a bad idea. Towels usually have lint and shed a lot of this lint in the washer. If you wash and dry towels with your fitted sheets, this lint will adhere to the sheets. Towels also create a lot of friction in the washer and dryer and this friction can lead to your sheets aging quickly. Don’t wash towels with fitted sheets, flat sheets and in general don’t wash towels,s with other clothing items. Always keep towels separate when doing laundry

Do Not Leave Your Fitted Sheets In The Washer/Dryer

Easy to Clean Fitted Crib Sheets

When doing laundry, pay attention so you don’t leave your sheets in the washer or dryer after the wash cycle is done. Leaving them to sit in the dryer or washer will cause them to wrinkle up. You do not want to go through the hassle of ironing your fitted sheets especially if it’s a large household with lots of sheets. Take the sheets out of the dryer immediately and if you want to ensure they remain straight and without wrinkles, spread them out on the bed to cool. This will leave them looking ironed and feeling brand new.

Don’t Use Harsh Detergents

Easy to Clean Fitted Crib Sheets

This is very important when you are washing fitted sheets and flat sheets that will be used to dress a baby’s crib or a toddlers bed. It is also important for adults as well. Harsh detergents can damage the sheets and they can also cause irritation to the skin – even more so for babies that have sensitive and delicate skin. Try to use gentler detergents or natural detergents and not only will they extend the life of your sheets, but they will also not pose a threat to your skin or your baby’s skin. Also be careful fo the detergent you buy, some have weird coloring or really cheap chemicals that just straight up damage your clothes.

Don’t Run a Very Hot Cycle in the Washer

Easy to Clean Fitted Crib Sheets

I get tempted to put the wash cycle on very hot a lot because it makes me feel like the hot water cleans the clothes the best. This might be true for some situations but not for fitted sheets, When you wash fitted sheets and flat sheets in hot water and then tumble dry them in dry heat it will lead to the sheets shrinking. You might not notice it after the first couple of times but constantly doing this will cause your fitted sheets to get smaller and smaller and soon you just realize they don’t fit anymore and you have to get new ones. If you just can’t do without washing your fitted sheets at high temperature, then you can buy sheets that are a size or two bigger.

Wash Your Duvet Cover Regularly

Easy to Clean Fitted Crib Sheets

Washing your fitted sheets without washing the duvet cover and the flat sheet kind of defeats the purpose. The bed will still be dirty and it might cause the fitted sheets to get dirty quicker. Try to wash the duvet cover every two weeks or once a month if you don’t have the time.

How to Clean a Down Comforter

Easy to Clean Fitted Crib Sheets

A down comforter is very comfortable and its one of the best options for staying warm in bed during the cold months like in autumn and winter. A comforter might not be able to provide much comfort if it’s not properly cared for. A down comforter is made up of light feathers that are stitched together in a patter. They are usually quite heavy so you will need a heavy duty and large capacity washing machine to clean them properly. If you do not have this size washing machine at home, then you can take your down comforter to the laundromat. Attempting to wash a down comforter in a small machine that does not fit is a bad idea.

When washing, wash them in a gentle cycle and use a mild detergent. Also, don’t use a lot of detergents, a small amount is best. Too much detergent might cause the down to strip away. For a down comforter, it is better to rinse it in two cycles to make sure all the soap is rinsed out. For drying purposes, a low capacity dryer is a bad idea. Use a high capacity dryer and put it on low heating so the dryer is gentle on the comforter.

Make sure the comforter is dried properly otherwise it could lead to a moldy situation with the feathers. While drying, pause the dryer a few times and take the comforter out to give it a fluff. You could get the kids in the house to help with this as they will love it. Unlike skeets and duvet covers, you should wash your down comforters once a year. If this sounds like too much hassle, then take your down cover to professional to get it professionally cleaned and taken care of.